About Us: Oasis Story

By Mrs. Allen Kizito, Co-founder & Executive Director
Oasis Children's Home

My father passed away when I was of a very tender age and my mother re-married. Together with my younger brother, we were raised under the care of our paternal grandmother. As I grew up, I realized that, with God's love, we were blessed to have grown up in a regular family, many children in similar situations have been left either to fend for themselves or homeless. It is this love that inspired me to help the abandoned, helpless and vulnerable children once I could support a family. I was later blessed with a husband who loves children and supported my dream. Together, we started a home for these children and named it Oasis Children's Home.

On 29th January, 2010, Oasis Children's Home was fully registered as a Non-Government Organisation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and also received a Certificate of Approval to operate as a babies' and children's home by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development on the 3rd March, 2010.

Oasis Children's Home is a transition home. We take in abandoned, vulnerable and helpless children from one day old babies to 5 year old children. We give them a stable home that any other child in a regular family setting would have, as we find them foster or adoption families or even their own relatives willing to become their guardians.

We've had alot of support from well-wishers, family and friends, some of whom are now permanent staff members at the home. With this support, we've made a reasonable stride in the area of child protection and have gone a long way to alleviate the plight of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC's). Since its foundation, Oasis has looked after about 160 children. Majority of the children have been resettled back in their families while others have been fostered both locally and internationally and about 30 of them are currently in custody.

Our Vision

To share God's love with the Abandoned and Destitute Children, giving them an Opportunity to reach their God given purpose.

Our Mission

Establishing links, creating opportunities, while concentrating on bringing out the very image within the Abandoned and Destitute child.

Our Core Values

Team work

Our Purpose

Oasis Children's Home provides a holistic care program that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda. The program involves; physical care, medical interventions including HIV/AIDS care and treatment, education (Home Schooling), re-uniting children with their relations, counselling services, community outreaches, Bible studies and Music Dance & Drama.

We encourage foster care placements and adoptions because we believe that, a family is the best place for any child.

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