Fosterage & Adoption

Children adoption in Uganda We, at Oasis Children's Home believe that a family is the best place for every child. We discourage institutionalization of children and instead, encourage foster placement and adoption, both local and international. We work closely with the Probation and Social Welfare Officers to ensure that a child in our care is placed with a well-matched, loving and responsible person or family.

We are also flexible about, Legal guardianship for an International family that would wish to migrate with the child to their home-country before completing the 3 years residence with the child in Uganda, as the Children's Act provides.

Inter-country adoption Orders are passed by the High Court's Family Division. The process may require services of a an experienced and competent Lawyer in Family Law.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a child or need more information before considering it, please contact us.

Children Adoption in Uganda

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